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Sculptural Embroidery of Ginkgo Leaf

Itamar Yehiel

Sculptural Embroidery by

Itamar Yehiel has been awarded the 3rd prize for Applied Art at Zeughausmesse Berlin 2023.


"The tension between realism and illusion, organic and artificial, temporary and eternal are all part of my artistic expression."

Itamar Yehiel

Itamar Yehiel's "Volcanic Pebble" has been selected as a finalist for the Creative Crafts State Prize Berlin 2022 and was featured in an exhibition "Vier Elemente" at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, 2023.

(IL, 1984)

Embroidery is a global and ancient craft that was always used as a platform for storytelling. Women who had no other form of expression brought their cultural and personal stories to the fabrics, using only needle and thread. For a decade I explored different continents and countries and was always fascinated by the local and traditional crafts. As a self-taught artist, I use this ancient and international language to tell new stories, both personal and global, cultural and emotional. 

Itamar Yehiel Sculptural Embroidery
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