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Ginkgo Branch in Autumn

Ginkgo Branch in Autumn

Sculptural Embroidery | 2023

Polyester and Silk threads.

Mounted floating in a white box frame, with Museum-glass.

Singed on the backside and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

54X54X4 cm | 19.6X19.6X1.5 inch

As embroidery has always been a form of storytelling, this "Ginkgo Branch in Autumn" tells a story of life and death, sadness and hope, temporary and eternal. By using volume and three-dimensional expression, this piece releases this ancient form of expression from the two-dimensional fabric and offers a new perspective. The artwork demonstrates how the eternal cycle of life can be represented by a snapshot of a single moment in time, and how the stable tree can be portrayed with a single delicate leaf. Just like the tradition of the craft itself is eternal, the single object is fleeting.

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