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I'm happy to accept commission when I can.

Get in touch and let’s work together. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Please email me directly at or fill out the contact form regarding commission projects.

The Process

In the initial discussion, usually via email or phone/Zoom, the details of the artwork will be determined (the subject matter, size, colors, price, framing choices, time frame, etc). 

Once all of the details are determined a commission contract is created and exchanged, accompanied by an invoice for the down payment. The commission will be started only after both the down-payment has been paid and the contract has been signed and returned.

Upon completion of the final artwork, digital images will be sent for approval. Once approved, the artwork will be framed and the invoice for the final payment will be issued.

Following payment of the final invoice, the artwork will be delivered/shipped.


The price of the artwork is agreed upon in the initial conversation.

The price will be based on the artwork size and complexity, and framing options, and will be consistent with other comparable works by Itamar at the time of sale. There are no extra charges for a commissioned artwork. 

50% of the agreed purchase price (non-refundable down payment) is paid at the time of the commission contract.

The work on the commission begins after this initial payment is made.

The remaining 50% is paid at completion and prior to the handover of the artwork.

Time Frame

Commissioned artworks usually take between 1 – 6 months to complete depending on the size of the piece and Itamar’s work schedule at the time.


The cost of delivery is separate from the final price.

Items delivered outside of the EU could be subject to import duties and taxes. These are charged at the destination and are the responsibility of the individual receiving the goods. Please contact your local customs office for further details before ordering if you are concerned.

Pick up is also an option.


A contract is required to formalize the commission and to ensure both parties are respected.

The contract includes all details discussed, such as subject matter, size and medium of the artwork, framing, price, due dates for payments, etc.

Please read the FAQ page for more information. 
if you have more question, please don't hesitate and contact me. 


Interested in a commission?
Get in touch and I will be back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!

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