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Itamar Yehiel

Itamar Yehiel

Visual Artist




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Bevern Str. 4,


Berlin, DE

Date of Birth:

June 17th, 1984

Artist Statement- Itamar Yehiel

Innovative artist with unique and self-developed techniques and forms of art. Experience participating in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and national and international art fairs.

Embroidery is a global and ancient craft that was always used as a platform for storytelling. Women who had no other form of expression brought their cultural and personal stories to the fabrics, using only needle and thread. For a decade I explored different continents and countries and was always fascinated by the local and traditional crafts. As a self-taught artist, I use this ancient and international language to tell new stories, both personal and global, cultural and emotional.  


My three-dimensional interpretations of natural objects lean on a craft that has been used for thousands of years. Yet I aspire to release it from the two-dimensional fabric, give it volume and offer a contemporary voice. Freehand machine embroidery and hand stitching enable me to propose a fresh perspective on embroidery, as well as a new portrayal of natural motifs. By using carefully thought-out framing and creating an illusion of hovering, I amplify the tension between the ancient craft and the contemporary creations, while arousing intrigue and curiosity.  


I am interested in exploring contradictions and paradoxes. The tension between realism and illusion, organic and artificial, temporary and eternal are all part of my artistic expression. Those come to life through objects from nature. Just like embroidery, nature is a global language. It relates to all individuals and cultures and I use its vast variety of objects, colors, shapes and textures as a language to portray emotions and stories.

Exhibitions and Art Fairs 

November 3rd-19th, 2022

October 28th-30th, 2022

September 2022 - November 2022 

October 2022

August / September 2022

June 2022

June 2022

Mai 2022

April 2022

April 2022

March 2022

November 2021

Group exhibition 'THE CUT UP', at LiTE-HAUS gallery.    Link

Fair for contemporary art, at Stettenfels castle.    Link

Solo exhibiting at the KUNSTinRAUM gallery, in Berlin.   Link

Berlin Affordable Art Market.

Art meets craft: Open-Air-Gallery for Design, Ceramic, Art & Craft

Art Nordic, Copenhagen      Link

Berlin art avenue: Open-Air-Gallery for Design, Ceramic, Art & Craft

Berlin Affordable Art Market.

Art meets Wein

The European days for traditional craft     

Solo Exhibition at Klötze und Schinken Cafe-Gallery, Berlin

Made in Berlin Fair

Professional Experience

Freelance Artist                              October 2019-Present

Self-Employed, Berlin, DE

   Create a variety of fine art sculptural embroideries for exhibitions, art fairs, and art markets.

   Continually grow a network of clients and connections, resulting in sales of over 150 pieces of art.


Self-Thought: 10 years of traveling around the world, studying traditional crafts in general, and embroidery in particular from native communities and artists.

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