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Here are some commonly asked questions. If you did not find your answer here, please write to me at or by the contact form.

Can I commission an artwork based on a past work?

Although all of my artworks are unique, I do repeat ideas and take inspiration from past works for commissions, it will never look exactly the same, but it will be beautiful.

What if I don’t like the final result of the commissioned artwork?

If you don’t like and don't want the finished artwork, you have the right to refuse it. In this case, I keep the artwork and the non-refundable deposit.

Do you always accept commissions?

No. It is important to me that you are satisfied with your artwork, so if I feel that an idea is beyond my skill level, or if I feel that I can't connect to the subject, I will not take on the commission.

Do you teach your technique?

For now, I don't have any courses or workshops. It might change in the future.

Can I choose the frame?

Yes, it is possible. If you are interested. Please let me know and we can discuss the frame and glass options.

Are you open to collaborations?

YES! conntact me and let's talk.

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