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Pebble with Lichen

Polyester threads.
Mounted floating in a 27X34X6.5 cm white box frame, with Museum-glass.
(11X13X2.5 inch)
Signed on the backside and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A volcanic pebble, a relic of time immemorial, becomes a canvas for the delicate dance of lichen—a resilient symbol of life's tenacity. The embroidery tells the story of a lichen as the spearhead of life, the first on the barren stone. It's a profound metaphor, a spark of hope emerging from the embrace of absolute death, and creates the base for new life to follow.

Dedicated to the survivors, abductees, and murdered people of the 7th of October.

Pebble with Lichen
Pebble with Lichen

Pebble with Lichen


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